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  • Carat weight - this is the size of the diamond

  • Clarity - is a grade given based on inclusions ranging from Fl (internally flawless) to I1, I2, and I3

  • Color - this include colorless and colored diamonds

  • Cut - the cut of the diamond to reflect light

Pick a Diamond that’s Flawless

There are many aspects that go into choosing a good diamond. It’s a lot more than size and its sparkle that make it valuable.


Here at A&E Diamond Jewelers in South Lyon, we are experts at distinguishing the different types of diamonds and classifying them based on their qualities.

The shape of your diamond can add more beauty to this stone. Over the years more and more shapes are introduced. Here are some popular shapes - round brilliant, marquise, oval, heart, emerald, pear and princess.

The 4 C's of diamonds

Choose the right shape

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